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AStarting its operations in chemical constructions field in 2001, Akfix focused on developing eco-friendly, life-esteem chemical products and technologies to create permanent solutions for customer needs. Developing different products on different customer needs, Akfix serves to his customers a wide product range of:

• Polyurethane aerosol foams
• Sealants
• Paperwork adhesives
• Technical and industrial adhesives
• Technical aerosol products
• Coatings & Waterproofing products

With its proliferative know-how and knowledge, Akfix comes up to be an ideal MASTER OF SOLUTIONS, who is a real professional and international player in polyurethane foam and sealants market, development and suply. It CREATES PERMANENT SOLUTIONS to support and complete professional building and construction companies in all their operations.

Today, Akfix is in a close relationship with its customers, distributing its products to more than 108 countries all over the world, being able to meet their demands in a very short period of time. Akfix is also presenting important advantages and benefits to its partners in the market. It is providing effective marketing and sales support to its partners, securing their strong position in today’s competitive market.

Moreover, Akfix products, developed on the needs of the market, are presented into market with intense promotional and communicational operations.

Professionals and amateurs all over the world are preffering Akfix products for more permanent and fruitful outcomes.

Akfix is a registered trademark of Akkim Yapı Kimyasalları A.Ş. , Turkey’s biggest PU Aerosol Foam and Silicone Sealant producer.

R & D Policy

Akfix aims to provide permanent solutions to meet the needs of professional and individual users. In order to achieve this goal, significant investment in research and development activities have been done.

In the market, we are endeavoring to provide high-quality, cost effective and higher performance with products. Akfix is an expert working with chemists and chemical engineers. At the same time working together TUBITAK and Universities to increase knowledge.

R & D activities are grouped under the following three topics;

• In accordance with customer needs, develop new products and solutions,
• Existing product performance and quality improve,
• The production of environmentally friendly alternatives,

Akfix, as R & D work in all its activities is moving with the goal of generating permanent solutions to the problems of consumers and the market.

Quality Policy

All Akfix products are developed in Hadımköy – Istanbul high-tech facility constructed on 25000 m² area, which is realizing high capacity production in accordance with ISO 9001 quality system.

Whole production procedure, including raw material and final product supply is under regular scrutiny by professional technical staff of the company.

Hence, not a single product, lacking desired quality level, is not allowed to pass thorugh production line.

For Akfix quality is not only product itself, but also all the procedures from product packaging to the final user of it.